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Save Japan Dolphins

Ric O'berry

Ric O'berry holding Dolphin's meat in Japan

After seeing the unnerving documentary movie The Cove by Marine Mammal Specialist Richard O’berry exposing the repeating Japanese Dolphin massacre, killing more than 20,000 dolphins each year.
Seeing the dolphins massacre left me with this cramped pain in my stomach.
I had to write this post to share it with as many people as I could.

The Japanese hunt dolphins to participate in shows and those that do not match the needs are killed and sold for there meat.

Whoever came in contact with dolphins knows that they are amazingly intelligent, smart and sensitive creatures. seeing the movie and reading about this story does not allow you to stay indifferent.

Mother and baby dolphin

Mother and baby dolphin

Go to Ric O’berry Website to learn more about how we treat dolphins and help save lives.

My First Swim with the Dolphins

After a one year wait, I finally got the chance to swim with the dolphins.

The hardest part of the wait was living in TeI- Aviv, Israel about 5 hours drive from Eilat where the dolphins are living, close to them but not so close… My mother came to visit me from abroad and we decided to make this trip together. There I was in my twenties, and feeling like a first grader, as I was getting closer to make my dream come true.

There are many things that I can see now looking back on what I was feeling, from the thirty years old perspective. It is the most natural and yet amazing thing that as we walk through life we see more, we see it differently.  At that time, dreaming was taking a bigger part of my life then the reality, time none existing and it didn’t cross my mind that with the time passing there are things that you cannot do. What I mean is that when we are young we can be everything, with the passing of the time we understand that there are options that are not open to us any longer.

So, the night before my swim, I drove my mother crazy as I was getting out of my skin…my dream was about to come true. I had no idea what to expect but I was open to the magic. Do I need to tell you at this point that I did not close my eyes that night? I was twisting and turning and …dreaming with my eyes open. With the first light of the morning, I was up on my feet now going in circles and circles in the room, running to the window to see the big blue water and wondering if the dolphins were so anxious to see me as I was in seeing them. I smile…For everything that I did that morning it was translated in questions about the dolphins. We had breakfast and I was wondering if the dolphins had breakfast as well? I was trying to figure out what do dolphins do instead of taking a shower, they are already in the water! I was wondering if they can feel anxious, as I was.

Around mid day we got to the Dolphin Reef, where I was about to meet them. In my anxiety I was hearing the voices around me I could see my mother talking to me but I was in my own world. I wanted to meet the dolphins so that they can give me the magic so I can heal. Finally …it was time to enter the water and meet them.

I will not let you wait, 30 minutes later I came out of the water and started to cry. I did not see a single dolphin! How could that be? I was sad and mad at them because they let me down. I did not know what to think about this experience. How come? They did not feel how much I need them?

It took me time to understand that sometimes things are not happening how we plan them, that sometimes it is better to let go of our expectations so we can really see. Today when I look back I understand that I was not ready to meet them, yes I was anxious to meet them but I was not ready to meet them without expectations and with an open heart.

Ramona ,

Swimming With Dolphins: A Healing Experience

A Healing Experience

A Healing Experience

This is how it started …

I was sitting in a crowded underground in London, to be more specific on the District line from Wimbledon to High Street Kensington, when I started to red this book “Swimming With Dolphins: A Healing Experience “ by  Lisa Tenzin-Dolma.

I think I picked out this book as on the cover it had these two beautiful dolphins in crystal clear blue waters and at that time outside it was a grayish cold day.
Do you know that feeling when you get lost in the book? When I stared reading it, all the noise around me disappeared and I was part of the amazing journey of people who swam with the dolphins.
I did not think of swimming with dolphins before reading this book.
You see, I come from a place where we have more snow then sun. I am good in skiing, in putting layers and layers of cloth so the crystal clear blue waters were at that time more of a fantasy.
The other thing that caught me was the words “ a healing experience” .Sorry for my naiveté but until that point it never occurred to me that one can “heal”. I was young so I was smart, but I wasn’t even realizing on how much I do not “see”. I never felt so smart as when I was in my early 20.
That time an older person told me “You make plans and meanwhile life is happening” . Oh boy, did he make me so mad. What was he saying? that I don’t know where I want to be in life or what I want to do? The option of my life not being as I planned it did not exist. I can tell you today, 12 years later, that now I know what he was talking about, but that is a different story. I also stopped feeling the smartest!
This is how I learned about healing. The idea of healing stayed in my mind.
By the time I finished the book, I was madly in love with the dolphins and I believed in their Healing powers but I was still in London. It took me more then a year until my first encounter with the dolphins.
With love to my husband
Elisheva Ramona Freedman
11 August

Meeting with a Dolphin

Meeting a Dolphin

Meeting a Dolphin

It was summer of 2008, Sunshine was out of the kindergarten and staying at home was not an option any more, we had to go out.

We decided to drive to Eilat for a few days, staying in a simple but comfortable guesthouse did the trick for us,

we didn’t need a fancy hotel as we planned to spanned most of our time at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat.

During the week we spanned most of our time, as planned, in the Dolphin Reef, swimming resting, looking at the dolphins from the floating wooden deck, placed in the dolphins area. it felt like floating on a boat looking at the blue horizon and colored desert mountains and of course, looking at the dolphins, swimming, jumping, playing in there realm.

By Thursday’s noon we where about to leave Eilat and go back to the Tel-Aviv humidity.

when we came to the reef that morning I was feeling vibrations all over my body as if all the nosy energy from everybody around me

stayed with me and did not brush off.

For the first time after a long absence I decided to meditate.

I set down in front of the sea and started to practice the Vipasana meditation I studies a few years back.

The power of this meditation always surprised me and this time was no different.

practicing the meditation started to clean the energy vibrations I felt disturbing me.

Ramona Asked me to seat with her on the deck and watch the dolphins before we go.

We went and set on the deck, feet in the water and where gazing at the dolphins swimming far away from us.

Very few people where with us at this hour. I started to whistle and strangely enough a few dolphins started to come closer to us.

As the dolphins were coming nearer so where the people, coming to watch and enjoy them.

The noise became louder, people started to shout and call and I felt restless and wanted to leave but Ramona asked me to stay longer, just for a little while.

As we where sitting there, I was looking at all the people very clearly wanting something from the dolphins I asked myself if maybe I could give them something back.

One of the larger dolphins, still not that close to us, attracted my a tension and I started to energy scan her, as if cleaning her energy body.

I am not sure it was a “her” but that is how it felt so I will refer to her as her from now on.

I could see her standing in the water and looking at me for a while, and than it came, a wave of turquoise wild energy that washed my being.

She decided to send me back a taste of what I was doing for her.

It was wild, untaimed, clear, simple and happy.

It was telling me to live, not think, to grab life and live them wildly.

I was shoked, Ramona and myself where looking at each other, I new she could feel it too.

But the story doe not end here.

with a few movements she, the dolphin, came and was swimming right in front of us and than she stood out of the water.

she was standing in front of me and I could reach my hand and touch her, it took me a couple of seconds but she waited for me and than I did. I reached out and stroked her neck.

After letting me stroke her for a couple of times she went back to swim with her friends and family leaving both of us excited and exhilarated.

We where both with tears in our eyes from the intensity of what had just happened.

At this time Ramona told me, still with tears in her eyes, that she saw and image this morning of me stroking a dolphin and she could not let us drive back without alowing it to happen and this is why she insited so much on staying on the deck, waiting for the magic to happen.